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Chief Representatives Affiliated with GKSF

Black Belt 3rd DAN GKSF, Chief Representative, Karnataka

Black Belt 4th DAN, Chief Representative, West Bengal

Tamil Nadu

Black Belt 1st DAN, Chief Representative, Tamil Nadu

Black Belt 3rd DAN, Chief Representative, Punjab

Black Belt 2nd DAN, Chief Representative, Delhi

Chief Instructor, Assam

DOJO Instructors Affiliated with GKSF


Black Belt 1st Dan, Dojo Instructor, Gurugram

South West Delhi

Black Belt 1st DAN, District Instructor, South West Delhi


Black Belt 1st DAN, Dojo Instructor, Kolkata


Black Belt 3rd Dan, Dojo Instructor, Kolkata

Rohini, Delhi

Black Belt 1st DAN, Dojo Instructor, Rohini, Delhi

Faridabad, Haryana

Provisional Black Belt, Dojo Instructor, Faridabad